October 17, 2009

Deadwood, SD

We made a run to Deadwood to see what all that was about,,,visited the place where Wild Bill Hickok was shot and killed which just so happened to be in a saloon, which is now a casino,,,and yes, we played,,,the casino gave us $5 'on the house' to join their club so why not? I played by $5 for almost 2 hours and in addition my name was called for the 'hot seat' cash for $15 and I parlayed it all into well over $50,,yes, I know...my win was a 'wash' after Ted told me his $5 lasted about 5 minutes then he started digging into his pockets,,,but hey, it was fun while it lasted and the casino staked me! We had dinner upstairs in Wild Bill's restaurant overlooking main street and darned if I didn't see Wild Bill mozying down the street looking for trouble...yeah, I put my winnings back in,,,got to learn to walk away,,,,

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