October 24, 2009

Mitchell Corn Palace, SD

After seeing billboards along I-90 [again with the billboards] about the "Corn Palace" we decided Mitchell would be a good place to stop for the night,,seeing as we lost another hour and are back in the central time zone,,and there's a KOA as well...why not? After setting up in the campground we decide to go into town to take a look at this Corn Palace,,,we follow the signs to downtown Mitchell,,,and I must admit,,someone has gone to a lot of work, or should I say a lot of someones,,designing the murals on the outside of the building with shucked ears of corn of all colors,,the pigeons and dove enjoy the building as well...hey, why not..we weren't the only ones stopping and taking photos..reminds me of the movie, "Michael" when they had to stop at all the roadside attractions,,,we can now cross this one off the list along with Wall Drug,,but hey, we saw them! Seeing as we were downtown Ted proclaims he is hungry,,he's always hungry and hey, I will never pass up dining out as to me cooking,,,we decide on the "Country Kitchen" seems I frequented many of these in Nebraska while working,,breakfast all day type diner,,,we did enjoy breakfast for dinner and ask for our ticket,,,the waitress informs us that a gentleman who was sitting across the room from us bought our dinner,,,what? the waitress told us she wanted to tell us when he was still seated but he wished to remain anonymous,,what a kind man? why us? did he buy everyone's dinner or just us? we will never know but little did we know when we sat down to eat and blessed our food and thanked our sweet Lord above for another day on this earth that we would be touched by the kindness of a total stranger buying us a meal....we are still scratching our heads as to ‘why us?’,,,,and just ‘who was that kind stranger?”….

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