November 29, 2009

Back in Texas

The first of October finds us back in Texas,,making our way south from Spicer through the cornfields of Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas....seeing as Ted's back was dealing him fits we didn't dilly-dally on our way back home.. [yes, I call Keller home]...Ted got into his doctor the first day back and with medication got his strained\sprained back fixed up...Dixie got to see her regular dog-dresser [groomer-Susan] while she was home and we could tell she was happy after seeing Susan for the day...thanks Susan, you are the best!arf, arf,....

Resting up was our motive and searching for a winter home was our objective while visiting with between the swine-flu, [not us,but others] we were able to visit with everybody and get in lots of hugs...oh wait, we didn't get to see Manny as he was busy in Houston in his new digs down there,,Breanna and Mason were busy doing college stuff...even managed to visit with Tim as he made his way back home to Amarillo from Austin and stayed a few days at Celia's house...had a nice lunch w/Tootie and JJ but Shannon was busy w/her college stuff...Joe was recuperating from his motorcycle uh-oh...Kellye was very busy w/her first graders and I visited her class one day to see her in action...Gracie had her 'Show-Off' for cheer..Jaxon played football..Jeb changed jobs...Johnny was busy w/Guyer HS football-go Wildcats...Donna was busy raking up acorns in her yard...I will miss my family as always while traveling about the country...heading south for winter! Hasta luego mi familia ,,,

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